Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What is cast stone?
    A: Cast Stone is defined as “a refined architectural concrete building unit manufactured to simulate natural cut stone, used in unit masonry applications.” Cast Stone is a masonry product, used as an architectural feature, trim, ornament or facing for buildings or other structures. Cast Stone can be made from white and/or grey cements, manufactured or natural sands, carefully selected crushed stone or well graded natural gravels and mineral coloring pigments to achieve the desired color and appearance while maintaining durable physical properties which exceed most natural cut building stones. Cast Stone is an excellent replacement for natural cut limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, keystone, travertine and other natural building stones
  • Q: How long will it take for my project to be finished?
    A: Project length is dependent upon the size and complexity of the project. Small pre cast projects can take as little as a week to complete while large projects can take several months.
  • Q: Will cast stone help increase the value of my property?
    A: Yes. Cast Stone window surrounds, or any of our other custom cast stone products will not only add to the beauty of your home or office, they will also add to its value.
  • Q: Where are your cast stone products made?
    A: All Ark-Concrete Specialties, Inc. products are made in our 30,000 Sq. Ft. cast stone manufacturing facility here in Houston.
  • Q: Are all cast stone products equal?
    A:  Cast stone varies in quality. Manufacturing companies vary in capability and compliance with standards of practice. Use this checklist to choose a cast stone company.
  • Q: Do you install cast stone?
    A: The Ark-Concrete Specialties, Inc. is a cast stone manufacturer, we do not install. However we do have relationships with cast stone installers and can arrange for installation so you can get a turnkey estimate for your project.
  • Q: I don’t live in the Houston area. Can I order an item to be shipped?
    A: We offer shipping services to all locations within the Southern continental United States. 
  • Q: But what if I'm looking for natural stone? A: You're in luck! The Ark is also a supplier of natural stone.