Customer Service


 We take pride in our customer service as well as speed of service.  If you have any questions, comments or requests, please feel free to contact one of our sales staff:

Main Office:


713-692-6803 Fax

Sales Office:

Ethan Kilpatrick, Sales Representative

Reuben Dudley, Sales Representative

Irie Dotson, Sales Assistant

Harry Durham, GM


Warranty Policy:

1.  A 2-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship covers all Ark-Concrete Specialties, Inc. merchandise.
2.  Warranties do not cover damage caused by improper installation, abuse, natural disasters or shifting of base structure.
3.  This warranty excludes installation and finish weathering.

Payment Policy:

 1.  All merchandise requires a 50% deposit with purchase order unless credit has been established.
2.  Final payment is due upon receipt of the merchandise.
3.  Merchandise pricing does not include installation.  

 Note: We can arrange for installation.